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TCM Spa Bloor Inc. is an oriental body work spa located in Downtown Toronto area. Since 2003, TCM Spa Bloor Inc. has been providing the finest health Self Care, Massages for both women and men. Our holistic approach help assist you in embracing the wisdom of wellness within & in cultivating oneness of the body, mind and spirit.



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We are located between Bloor Street West & Brock Street. Major Intersection between: Dufferin (Station)  & Bloor St. W.; Minor Intersection between: Dufferin Street & Block Street.

Spa services:

Chair Massage


"Chair Massage" is a style of seated massage done a a special chair, the massage is typically short, lasting from 10-15 mins. Focusing on releasing the tension/tightness in shoulders, back, neck & arm. Done over clothes & does not require lotion.

Chinese Table Massage


This massage, is done on a massage table with clothes on & no lotion, massage focuses on kneading & pressing on the tight muscles with pinching the different acupressure points of you upper and lower back down to the legs to help with decrease pain and tightness.

Deep Swedish Massage


Massage treatment involves applying lotion/hypoallergenic oil to the skin to allow deep pressure/stripping of the muscles down to your back, using muscle stroking tapping or doing friction to help relieve stiffness, numbness or pain in your muscles.

"Back Walking Massage"


This is a massage technique to influence the body using the therapist's feet, which is done/performed by stepping on parts of the receiver's body that is sore or stressed. The therapist uses the bars on the ceiling to help maintain balance and gives them an easier time manoeuvring between the upper and lower bodies.



 Feet (reflexology) massage stimulates the feet's reflex zones, which in turn help with general circulation the rest of the body as well as relieving sore feet and leg muscles. The Reflex Zones are areas of the feet that contributes to your body's pain and some conditions.  The warm water help to warm up the muscles in you feet, and helps you relax before the massage starts. 

Acupuncture, Cupping & Moxibustion Therapy



this involves the insertion of hair-thin needles into specific points on the body called "Acupoints" to help with decreasing pain and certain conditions.


 is done by introducing heat into glass cups and placing them immediately on the skin creating a vacuum effect. The suction effect help increase blood circulation to the local area relaxing the muscle tissue and helping to releasing the factors that causes pain or stress.


Can be done with "Acupuncture" or separately. It's a therapy that utilises cauterisation or heating with ignited flammable material applied to certain areas on the body. It regulates the functions of channels by warming the channels and dispersing coldness. Moxibustion is able to invigorate Qi movement, harmonise nutrient and immune system mechanisms and resolve stagnancy in body and stasis of the blood, thus it used to treat and prevent diseases. 

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